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POWERGREEN LAWN CARE PROGRAM POWERGREEN LAWN CARE is designed to make your life easier by assuming care of your lawn or landscape needs in the most professional manner. 
Our DRY GRANULAR PROGRAM works on a timely basis, with application being applied every 5-7 weeks throughout the growing season. The use of our SAFE, GRANULAR PRODUCTS applied by professional, licensed personnel, relieves you the task of selecting material and the possible guesswork of proper timing, rate of applications and results. POWERGREEN LAWN CARE gives you the professional service with green-keeps results, at a price which is normally less than doing the job yourself. Our program features 6 applications of DRY GRANULAR MATERIAL. Featured below is our application program.
POWER ROUND 1 – EARLY SPRING (March-April) Balanced dry synthetic fertilizers formulated to PROTECT the lawn from common spring diseases will be applied at this time along with a pre-emergent designed to PROTECT against unsightly infestations of annual grass. This prevents them from germination later in the season. An integrated Pest Management system and the use of broadleaf weed control is applied at this time as temperatures permit. This method allows us to target only infest areas, also reducing product exposure. 
POWER ROUND 2- LATE SPRING (End April-May) an optimum rate, balanced of dry slow-release fertilizer designed to CONSERVE the plants energy applied prior to the hot summer season. This balanced fertilizer encourages root development and CONSERVE plant carbohydrates stored in the root system. Granular insecticides are to be applied at this time for an additional change to control surface insects such as Chinch Bugs or Sod Webworms. Broadleaf herbicide is applied as needed to infested areas for control of all Broadleaf weeds (Dandelions, Plantain, Thistles, etc.) using our Integrated Pest Management approach.
POWER ROUND 3 - EARLY SUMMER (June-July) High analysis of Potash and Phosphorous, dry granular or slow release fertilizer helps MAINTIAN turf density and heartiness through hot summer conditions. This special formulation improves summer heat and drought tolerance which helps to MAINTAIN a green, thick, weed-free lawn.
POWER ROUUND 4 - LATE SUMMER (Mid July-August) To insure you a thick, healthy, safe lawn a slow-release encapsulated fertilizer blended in a scientifically researched ration is applied to BUILD the root system, rhizomes, stolons, and grass plants. Cooler temperature and adequate moisture enhances the plant growth and increases the turf density of seeding development.
POWER ROUND 5 – EARLY FALL (Early September) it is time to start RECOVERING your lawn from this season use. This application will help in preparing your soil to rebuild the nutrients it lost through the summer. POWER ROUND 6 – FALL (October) this is the last application which will PREPARE your lawn for the winter stress months. Although there is a very minimal leaf growth in the winter, the root system of your lawn remains active throughout the winter this application is essential for your lawns long term success.