Power Green Lawn Care

Grub Control: Grubs are the white or off-white larvae of the June Bugs. These ¼” to
1 ½” long bugs work under the surface destroying turf’s roots. So, by the time
you see signs of grubs, much of the damage has already been done. As few as
seven grubs per square foot can cause quite a bit of damage in your lawn. They
can be one of the most destructive lawn pests unless they are detected early and
treated properly.
Deep Root Feeding: In the spring and fall we inject fertilizer into the root ball, just under the trunk of the tree or shrub by using a high pressure tip to feed the plant. Increasing the health and brilliance of colors in the spring bloom, as well as making sure it stays hearty through the hot summer months
Aeration: Aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes through the grass. These holes allow air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone more efficiently resulting in new growth and increased root development 

Extra Services

From time to time the lawn needs special treatments to stay healthy


PowerGreen Lawn Care is committed to providing the highest quality service. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply notify us and we will re-treat at no extra cost to you.